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Organisation & Resources

Organisation & Resources

Being organised and well resourced are the hallmarks of an effective autism teacher.

Whether you are planning for 1:1 Intervention or planning for a whole group of students, it is important to be able to set goals, plan paths to achieve goals and acquire resources needed along the way.

Organisation and Resources

In a broad sense, we need to think a certain way to be effective in our teaching.

These thinking skills include:

  • Planning - creating a roadmap helps us to work out what are the priorities we should focus on e.g. ARC(S) Intervention Framework
  • Organisation - describes the way we arrange resources according to a system e.g. ARC(S) Thematic Curriculum - teaching focus areas; structured teaching: key resources
  • Time Management - describes the capacity to allocate and complete work effectively within a timeframe e.g. classroom timetable, individual schedules
  • Problem solving - is the process by which we can learn from our experiences, and plan improvements for the future e.g. strategy implementation & review
  • Self Reflection - is the ability to stand back and analyse how you, the team, the child is performing. This also includes self-monitoring and self evaluation skills e.g. Coaching log, session progress write-ups