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Roles / Resources

Roles / Resources

Teaching children with autism requires educators to understand autism and learn how each student learns best.

Educators will need to learn to match their teaching styles to their student's learning styles and be willing to address many variables in learning such as the environment, personal interaction styles, and modifications to curriculum teaching methodology.

At ARC(S), we understand that learning to work with a child with autism requires guidance, access to practical resources, training, coaching and encouragement. Hence the birth of our website!

Roles / Resources

Who this Web Site is for

This expansive web site is intended for caregivers and professionals living and/or working with a young child with autism.

We have organised the content on our site to best fit the needs of different roles of people working in autism, i.e.:

  • Parent / Professional
  • EIPIC Teacher
  • WeCAN EIP Professional
  • EIP Coach
  • ARC Consultant

In order to access specialised resources (e.g. assessment, teaching materials, curriculum training materials and research information), you need to be a registered member.